Functional Resveratrol Powder

VeriSperse® is a cold water dispersible resveratrol powder, specifically designed to increase its bioavailability.

Utilizing exclusive, patented LipiSperse® technology means that resveratrol’s normally limited ability to dissolve in aqueous environments (such as the stomach), is enhanced and can disperse freely, increasing VeriSperse®’s bioavailability and therefore efficacy as it becomes more readily available.

VeriSperse® is a trademark of Pharmako Biotechnologies Pty Ltd.

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The LipiSperse® Advantage

VeriSperse® has an equilibrium established between the LipiSperse® on the powder surface and the solution. Repulsive forces between the particles prevent agglomeration or aggregation: allowing VeriSperse® to have proper particle dispersion. Proper dispersion offers advantages in absorption, dosage requirements, efficacy and final product quality.

VeriSperse® Advantage over standard resveratrol:

VeriSperse® enhanced bioavailability is scientifically validated:

LipiSperse® can be customized for:

Veri-Sperse® can be used in multiple product sectors and applications: