Ingredients for a lifetime of healthy living

Gencor is your source for botanical ingredients that meet your customer's changing health needs.* As your customers age, their supplementation needs become increasingly important. Gencor offers an extensive list of branded ingredients and standardized single-herb extracts that are clinically shown to support the specific needs of aging adults.* In addition to our superior botanicals, our co-branding partners also benefit from Gencor's:

  • Health-specific approach
  • Extensive human clinical research
  • Patented extraction processes
  • Claims substantiation
  • Intellectual property
  • Global reach
  • Complete control over farms, manufacturing and processing facilities
  • Wide-ranging vendor relationships

At Gencor, you'll find innovative and effective natural ingredients that target your customers' most pressing needs.* Position your brand for success in today's highly competitive marketplace. Have a look at what Gencor can offer you.