Key Personnel

Gencor is well-connected across the globe with offices in the USA, India, and China.  Our key personnel are:

Founding Executives

Jith Veeravalli, President, CEO. Jith has a long-standing history presiding over food and packaging companies around the world. Jith brought native India food sources to the US by facilitating the opening of Gencor Pacific in 1999. Jith holds advanced degrees, including an MBA degree from the University of Toronto. 

R.V. Venkatesh, Managing Director. R.V. handles the New Products Development, Clinical Research Portfolio, Marketing and International Operations of Gencor. He has a degree in Chemistry and Post Graduate Qualifications in Foreign Trade and has been instrumental in facilitating clinical research and commercial transactions.

Chief Scientific Advisor 

Watch this short video about Dr. Paul ClaytonPaul Clayton, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Advisor. Dr. Clayton is the UK’s leading expert in the fast-developing science of pharmaco-nutrition. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Food, Brain and Behaviour (Oxford), Plenary Chair of VitaFoods (Geneva) and a Visiting Professor at the University of Pecs (Hungary). He is a former president of the Forum on Food & Health at the Royal Society of Medicine (London), and is currently a Fellow of both the Royal Society of Medicine, and the Royal Society of Arts.