HydroCurc Study Published

Increased bioavailability of curcumin using a novel dispersion technology system (LipiSperse®)
D. Briskey · A. Sax · A. R. Mallard · A. Rao

Read full study in the European Journal of Nutrition here: https://doi.org/10.1007/s00394-018-1766-2

A new clinical study on HydroCurc has been published demonstrating the increased nonavailability of curcumin with a dispersion technology system (LipiSperse®). The study showed that the combination of LipiSperse® with curcumin, plasma concentrations of curcumin can be significantly increased. The study took place using eighteen healthy male and female volunteers in a single equivalent dose, randomized, double-blinded study. The novel delivery system LipiSperse® is safe in humans, and demonstrates superior bioavailability for the supply of curcumin when compared to a standard curcumin extract.