Innovative Ingredient for Managing Discomfort and Joint Health

Booming concerns

With the growing boomer population, healthy aging is a key concern among consumers. An estimated 91.2 million adults have been medically diagnosed with some form of arthritis or symptoms related to it.* With concerns about pharmaceutical side effects, consumers are looking for alternative solutions to address joint health.*

Introducing Levagen and Levagen+

Levagen® is a clinically studied form of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) that supports joint health and a healthy inflammation response.* Usually isolated from peanuts, egg yolks and soybeans, PEA was first identified in the 1950’s as a therapeutic substance with potent anti-inflammatory properties.* It is produced in the body as a biological response and as a repair mechanism for inflammation response.* Levagen utilizes the endocannabinoid system, potentiating its actions at CB1, CB2, and GPR55 receptors, and TRPV1 channels for supporting joint function, reducing joint stiffness and providing joint comfort.1 PEA can also contribute to relaxation and restfulness leading to a better quality of sleep.*

Levagen is also available in a cold water dispersible format, under Levagen+. Levagen+ is powered by LipiSperse® technology, developed by award-winning Pharmako Biotechnologies, to increase functionality and bioavailability of PEA for food and beverage applications. 

Levagen is also self-affirmed GRAS, further substantiating its safety.

Clinical Research

Levagen: Human clinical trial for management of mild to moderate osteoarthritis symptoms*

Study Results: The effectiveness and safety of Levagen has been recently studied in a double-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled study. The clinical trial studied 120 patients with 40 patients on placebo, 40 patients on Levagen 300 mg a day and 40 patients on Levagen 600 mg a day. Both the 600 mg and the 300 mg doses were found to be statistically significant compared to the placebo on the total WOMAC score, pain subdomain, stiffness subdomain and function subdomain.*

Levagen+: Double-blind Bioavailability Study

Study Results: A parallel, double-blind, bioavailability study was conducted with 28 healthy male and female volunteers over 18 years old to measure uptake of Levagen+ PEA over a 24-hour period. The objective of this trial was to determine whether the use of a lipid-based drug delivery system, LipiSperse®, can be successfully used to improve the bioavailability of Levagen®.

The Levagen+ formulation significantly increased plasma PEA concentration by approximately 1.8 times that of the standard PEA formulation*. The results indicate that by combining Levagen with LipiSperse® delivery system, PEA absorption is more effective.*

1 Petrosino S, et al. The anti-inflammatory mediator palmitoylethanolamide enhances the levels of 2-arachidonoyl-glycerol and potentiates its actions at TRPV1 cation channels. BrJ Pharmacol. 2015