Curcumin with increased bioavailability

Introducing HydroCurc®, a cold water dispersible (CWD), Curcuma longa extract.

Fat-soluble ingredients have limited solubility in the watery gastrointestinal environment and follow the same pathway of intestinal absorption as other fats that are consumed. Various fat-soluble ingredients, including curcumin, offer numerous benefits to human health. But in the absence of adequate absorption, such benefits cannot be fully realized.
HydroCurc® is a new type of curcumin specifically designed to increase bioavailability of curcuminoids. In aqueous environments (such as the stomach), the specifically designed curcumin particles in HydroCurc freely disperse.
This net effect translates to increased bioavailability. With over 80% curcuminoids, HydroCurc supplies a large amount of curcuminoids in a water dispersible formulation.
Utilizing Proprietary LipiSperse® Technology
Increased bioavailability in HydroCurc can be attributed to a new dispersion technology, LipiSperse®. LipiSperse is a novel system tailored to increase the dispersion of crystalline lipophilic agents in aqueous environments. Cold water dispersible (CWD) powders have an equilibrium established between the LipiSperse on the powder surface and the LipiSperse in the solution.
Why Choose HydroCurc?
A recent pharmacokinetic study on HydroCurc in humans aimed to compare the pharmacokinetics of a single dose of a commercially available curcumin product with a curcumin-LipiSperse delivery system.
Over various time periods as seen in the data above, HydroCurc has shown significant increase in bioavailability of free curcuminoids over standard curcumin.
HydroCurc® is a trademark of Pharmako Biotechnologies
LipiSperse® is a delivery system created by Pharmako Biotechnologies

Clinical research

Recovery Study

  • A double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study to evaluate the effect of orally-dosed HydroCurc on exercise recovery in healthy males.
  • 28 males (aged 18-35 years)
  • 72-hour treatment duration with 2 trial arms: HydroCurc+ 500mg and Placebo
  • 30 minutes after ingestion of product, participants were exercised to induce local leg muscle fatigue using a leg press (4 sets of 80% of 1RM). Participants consumed the supplement again post-workout and dosed once daily for three days thereafter.
  • Blood parameters, VAS pain score, thigh circumference, and questionnaires were taken immediately, 1, 2, 3, 24, 48, and 72-hours post-exercise.
  • Two hours post exercise fatigue the participant again completed 1 set of leg press reps at 70% of maximal until exhaustion to measure performance.


500mg HydroCurc:

  1. Reduced capillary blood lactate post-exercise, suggesting that HydroCurc interacts with the energy metabolism pathway (allow individuals who are exercising to perform at higher thresholds for longer, improving training results).
  2. Significantly reduced pain 48-hours post-exercise suggesting that a quicker return to training may be possible than those who consumed the placebo drink, leading to improved training adaptations.
  3. Reduced IL-6, CRP and DOMS (involved in pro-inflammation, muscle damage and pain)
  4. Increased IL-10 (anti-inflammatory), possibly explaining the quicker return to baseline thigh circumference compared to placebo. The quicker return to baseline thigh circumference also shows that less swelling from extra-cellular fluid is occurring in the Hydrocurc group (swelling is associated with DOMS, inflammation and decreased exercise performance).
  5. Stimulated PKB/mTOR pathway, indicating a potential involvement in muscle hypertrophy (cell growth, proliferation and metabolism)

The results suggest that HydroCurc may allow for a quicker return to exercise training, or a return to exercise training at higher thresholds than the placebo drink. This may be due to an interaction between IL-6 and IL-10 eliciting anti-inflammatory properties which reduce thigh circumference, pain, and modulate energy metabolism.